TransMorphic Art

Transmorphic art is changing from one state to another. This can refer to the medium used or the imagery.

In most cases I am referring to the works that are done in an “automatic state”. In this state I am allowing imagery to form without conscious effort to control what comes out. This is an approach used in art therapy and expressive arts. I have distinguished a line between between the therapeutic world and what I do because it is not simply just what comes out of me but also what comes through me. There are many cases within the sketches where I feel it is a clear reminder from from my inner network of where I am in life and the affects of the current situation. But many times I feel the presence of something other than myself and this is our way of communicating.


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Facilitated by the rhythm of music playing, the rain, air, waves and wind; all things seen and unseen: “the artist” within guided to create.  At some times for personal wellbeing, at others, because “the spirit” demands it.  We are only ever, at best, half in control of our own destinies. Life is ever changing, in constant flux; cause and effect dance upon the altar of ever-present circumstance and experience.

When I paint, I sometimes focus on the line, color and form more attentively than the subject matter itself. Subjects, like symbols, allow our cognitive/rational minds comprehend what we are looking at and place it in an easily closable box. When the symbol is dissolved into color, line and form, we bypass the rational mind and experience the image at a deeper level. This is a soul’s experience. Transmorphic art, like life, is a process, not a product. TransMorphic Art moves from esoteric subject, through cultural symbol, into common experience.

Works on Display

Read more about where you can find my works up for display and sale.

Classes and Workshops

I regularly teach classes and workshops for youth, teenagers and adults throughout Central Vermont and the White River Valley.


Personal growth and empowerment.

In seeking authenticity and a life enriched with subsistence, I live in pursuit of meaning and purpose to a fulfilling life. It is this experience I translate onto canvas with all the varying emotions that accompany it – loneliness, excitement, struggle, frustration, anger, joy… Painting and drawing documents my journey in self discovery.

My internal world shifts; changing with the rhythms of the seasons.

Nature is a great inspiration and teacher; in constant flux and motion.

Using lines, color and form to create fluid motion illustrating the constant momentum change exists in. I create a surreal reality to emphasize the internal structure of the experience, while drawing inspiration from the physical world around me.

­­­ To not only see self as a part of nature but to experience it.



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